10 Top Tips for Winter Wellness

Here are our top 10 tips to keep you healthy this winter:

1. Stay Hydrated - our body needs at least eight glasses of water a day to stay hydrated. If the idea of cold water is unappealing in the winter months, then try boiled water with a slice of lemon or manuka honey and ginger.

2. Keep Exercising - when it’s cold and dark, it’s tough to get motivated to stick to your exercise routine. Start the day with an early morning walk or run, and if it’s too cold outside, go to the gym or do laps in the pool.

3. Hand Hygiene - So simple we forget. Wash your hands to stop the spread of germs.

4. Take your Vitamin and Minerals - Boost your dietary intake of iron, zinc and vitamin C which are all vital for a healthy immune system. Top up with a good vitamin supplement to help your body get the nutrition it needs to fight off those winter bugs.

5. Be Kind to your Skin - with the heating, cold weather and winds, your skin will dry out. Keep hydrated and ensure you keep your face and body properly moisturised. Use oil based moisturisers.

6. Rest - commit to at least 8 hours of sleep. The greatest tool for stress reduction and immune support is sleep. Try to go to bed half an hour earlier and catch up on those zzz’s.

7. Eat Well - Make sure you eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Eat like a rainbow and ensure your diet is packed with natural goodness. The winter months can leave us craving starchy carbohydrates, but ensure you have a balanced diet. Opt for snacks such as dried fruit, nuts and seeds and avoid heavy meals before bedtime.

8. Get Outside - Serotonin (Happy Hormone) levels are low during the winter months. Spending even half an hour outside will make a difference. Take a walk on your lunch break and get some natural light.

9. Reduce screen time - we are all obsessed with using our phones and tablets throughout the day. Constant connection and an overload of information can negatively impact your mood. Give your brain a rest and switch off in the evenings. Instead of doing emails or browsing the internet, read a book or listen to some relaxing music.

10. Take the Sunshine Vitamin - 1 in 6 adults and 1 in 5 children in England may have low levels of vitamin D. Taking Vitamin D3 can help with winter blues and seasonal moodiness.

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